More than 25 years of experience in the aluminum extrusion branch

And what do we do with our experience? Are we the only ones with experience? Do we continue as before, from experience and habit?

No, we used our experience to develop further, to break new ground!

The skeptics among us will say, based on their experience: "That doesn't work, we've tried it before ..."

But we have found out that it works differently as well. And faster and cheaper. You can make it even better and more sustainable, only then is it no longer cheaper, but all the more effective!

Our specialty is the production of aluminum extrusion tools.

The profile cross sections are becoming more and more complex, the demands and expectations on the tools are increasing continuously. It is therefore no longer sufficient to design and manufacture them according to the book.

Under pressure by doing the daily business, you probably won’t have the time or the means to think about new ways and concepts.

Therefore, we offer you, individually tailored to your existing production facility, modern, future-oriented solutions and methods for the development and manufacturing of your tools.

A higher added value and increased appreciation will certainly strengthen you in this highly competitive market!

In order to achieve a sustainable increase in productivity in the extrusion workshop, an optimized handling of the tools during the test runs and the production campaigns is just as important as their maintenance and care. We would be happy to advise you on this; as in the development of your aluminum profiles.

Using the Six Sigma Lean Management strategies, we are your contact if you want to improve your processes, products or services quickly and sustainably. Please contact us, of course, even if you are not dealing with aluminum or tools!

Whether project-related, short-term overload or as a long-term association, we offer you our professional support.